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Anson Oilfield Equipment Pte Ltd  (ID: 16857)

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e caps? Protecting threaded ends on oilfield eqipment Covering a wellhead A fractional distillation tower On rig workers heads 10. Which of the following is the name of a North Sea oilfield? Dippy Bristle Dingo Brent Expert Oilfield Quiz / trivia 1. What is the oldest terrain from the Cretaceous era.? Jurassic Terran Albian Tuersary 2. What does Annulus mean? Between casing and cell wall Between inside and outside of BOP Bottom of well Area where drillbit turns in directional drilling 3. Volume of a barrel in litres? 151 214 159 163 4. What is a Darcy a unit of? Viscosity Pressure Sediment Permeability 5. Heavy crude oil has an API gravity of less than? 28 2000 19 9.82 6. Light crude oil has an API gravity higher than? 33 4000 19 10 7. The number of barrels in a MT? 8.4 7.45 10 7.33 8. Sour refers to? Sulfur risk Crude without sulfur High sulfur crude Low sulfur crude 9. Bunker C is used as? Protecting threaded ends on oilfield eqipment Strategic reserves store A residual fuel used on ships A paint thinner 10. Which of the following is the name of a North Sea oilfield? Bent Gulkfaks Hiberian Bruce Oilfield H igh Pressure API6A Valves, Fittings, Manifolds, Flowline Equipment and more To enter the A NSON site click here WELCOME TO A NSON ......It is our mission to design, develop and engineer innovative oilfield products that further our already considerable reputation for quality, value and reliability. Shortcuts: About Anson Products Contact Details Photos Plant Service info Latest news Search RA 2001 All of this site, (its entire content) is property of Anson. If you are unaware of this fact take note, copyright notices do not need to be pasted on each page or even on any page for an item to be copyright. Copywrite by law will stand for 70 years after the death of the author. Seek permision first before altering, copying etc.anything on this site. Manufacturer of Oilfield, Flowline Equipment Anson Oilfield Equipment Pte Ltd